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So what do most people do?

Most people live behind a facade. They look nice on the outside and project a happy world but…on the inside they are slowly dying.

People who are authentically happy live a different way

Before I tell you how they do it, I want you to answer a tricky question-
How badly do you want your inner world to match your outer world?

Because most people wish that they could have both worlds in alignment. Here is the trap…..we set goals and then we don’t create the habits to support and achieve those goals. In other words, we make a wish that we hope someone will bring us, instead of non-negotiables that we actively pursue.

We are literally….building our house without building the foundation first and we wonder why it’s shaky.


Chasing goals without a blueprint = Huge waste of time and resources.

Imagine if you could

✔ Align your heart with your mind to make decisions that you are confident in

✔ Discover more depth in your relationships so they can grow and thrive

✔ Rewire beliefs to heal and increase health and fitness

✔ Reprogram your mind to create greater wealth and keep it

✔ No longer second guess that you are on the right path.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

  • Hi. I’m Brooke Walker, Founder of 100 Years of Bliss and The Life Blueprint, our system stems directly from my own disillusioning personal experience repairing and rebuilding myself after nearly 30 years in a cult.
  • Over the years I have watched as others struggle to maneuver life’s challenges, relationships, boundaries, nutrition, fitness, health, finance and chilling the fuck out in life’s stress. I came from a very abusive and damaging background and was able to overcome, heal, and thrive. It suddenly hit me, that it was a gift and I had a unique way to help others achieve the same results. What if there was a way to simplify law of attraction, healing, achieving goals and dialing it down so that others could get the same results?
  • I realized that anyone could actually do what I have done in a much quicker amount of time. I have simplified the process and it is really a matter of instilling new habits, focusing on values, and creating and maintaining consistency. How do you create an Undefeatable Mind? You start with you…. building the foundation that won’t allow a Big Bad Wolf to blow your house down. You will never be stronger than you believe you are, and others will take advantage if you let them.
  • The Life Blueprint is the map to achieve your 100 Years of Bliss. We assist you to build a blueprint, a plan, that is based around your values and goals. Then you just implement the steps we lay out for you and the results happen naturally.

Let’s cut through the clutter, cultivate your self-confidence, increase your heart and mind connection, and reach a level of success beyond what you thought possible.

Our blueprint teaches you how to

  • Powerfully create an undefeatable mind, that stays calm during stress and resourceful to conquer problems
  • Build Relationships that are meaningful, mutually rewarding and supportive. No more drained energy with people who just want your time and use you
  • Nourish yourself, with food! Stop the shame, eat the chocolate cake, and feel good about it!
  • Create the body you desire! Stop hating what you see in the mirror. Use exercise to heal your body and your mind.
  • Ultimate career satisfaction, you can do what you love and generate the revenue you deserve!
  • Ditch the Money for Time racket. You are worth more than a paycheck for every hour you work.

Does This Feel Like Your Life?

Does every day feel like Groundhog’s Day? Remember that movie where Bill Murray woke up and repeated the same day over and over? You wake up in the weekday morning, the dread hits you the minute you wake, you have to go to work. Ugh, feels like you live for the weekend. The list of daily chores goes on and on…..Have to wake the kids, feed the dog, feed and get the kids to school, get yourself ready for work…..it’s not even 8:00 am and you are tired. Maybe, it will be better if you get the raise, you can finally plan that vacation, then you can have more time for the family. Who are you kidding, you’ll be working more, but you’re doing it for them, why do they seem to not see, even though you don’t want it to……. the resentment is there and it’s building by the hour. Well if I can at least get to the gym I’ll feel better.

That will motivate me to eat a better lunch. Your day goes about average, you didn’t have to kill anyone, you are counting the days until the weekend.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Albert Einstein told us that in the early 1900’s before technology sucked the life out of our daily routines and made it even more stressful than before. Now we are checking our email and cell phones every five minutes, out escape from life’s pressures is being on Facebook for hours. THIS IS NOT LIFE, It is common and there are more heart attacks Monday at 8 am than any other time because people can’t stand another week of Groundhogs day! Life is not meant to only enjoy moments or weekends and if you have had enough and are fed up then it’s time we help you design something better. You deserve to have more with your spouse, your children, your health, career and money. You also deserve to feel Tony the Tiger GREAT! About it!



Taylor Kamp

You Glow Girl! You’re an incredible speaker and storyteller. You had me laughing and crying, hanging on to every word. What a great event! I have my blueprint on my wall. Thank you for the motivation and experience! You Rock Brooke Walker!

Ana Brooks

Brooke is an incredible person. She has help me in many places in my life including personal growth, confidence in my career, improving my relationships, and mostly just learning to love myself. I would highly recommend this wonderful woman to help you achieve goals and grow. Taylor

Patricia Rodriguez

Her one-on-one guidance is always fully present. Definitely not a ‘cheer leader’ approach, where some will not progress under that model, she’s quick to hold me accountable & always forward thinking. Brooke has inspired me to be a better


The Fundamentals. If you are fine tuning familiar with self-development and disciplined, this is for you! This program allows people to get to the root of things. It is tools that we all should have and either we don’t utilize them, use them well, or have forgotten them. It is Mindset, Relationships, Nutrition, Fitness, Career, and Finance and how we align with them so we can be happy. 28 day program for each that includes emails and daily texts for homework and motivation.
$500.00 USD

Laying Foundation

The Fundamentals and Accountability
The additional accountability is weekly zoom meetings. I discuss a combination of current issues, how to utilize 100 Years of Bliss and questions that I receive regularly. If you need more accountability, want access to ask questions and newer to self-development or looking for amazing results this will fast track you. Includes above.
$1200.00 USD

Building Walls

The Fundamentals, Accountability, and Private Sessions.
Once a week, private 1 hour phone calls. Includes above.
$3600.00 USD